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Free Nintendo eShop Codes

Nintendo is a veteran game and console developer, is the pioneer of motion control gaming. They have introduced a wide variety of gaming consoles over the years. These include the game cube, 3DS, Wii, Wii U, and more. All these consoles were groundbreaking devices that brought something new and innovative into the world of gaming. Apart from an impressive repertoire of gaming devices, Nintendo also has many proprietary games that have a cult following! These games include the likes of Super Mario and The Legend Of Zelda.

Nintendo, over the years, has managed to create an excellent and dedicated fan base. Thus, allowing them to experiment and innovate with new things. One of their latest ventures is the online digital store, termed as the Nintendo eShop. Nintendo eShop will enable you to sync all your consoles to a single account to have all your games in one place. This takes away the hassle of carrying games wherever you go and ensures that you can always download a new copy of your game whenever you get a new console.

The Nintendo eShop uses online transactions to complete most of its digital purchases. But apart from this, the store also has a feature of gift codes that allows you to get multiple in-store items for free, using a single code. These codes are usually won by contest winners or lucky participants that have been selected at random. You can also gift eShop codes to friends and family members, which they can then redeem for in-store items. But there are many other ways which can get you free Nintendo eShop codes. Although most of the blatantly advertised methods on search engines are scams and illegal hacks, we will take a look at some of the right ways in this guide.

Nintendo eShop Code Generator

Many websites on the internet require you to take regular surveys. These surveys are based on your geographical location, age, gender, ethnicity, and language. Most such surveys ask you simple questions.

These questions are a part of a broader set used by marketing companies to judge the performance of products. Completing such surveys will allow you to earn reward points. You can then exchange these for free eShop codes. Some websites that will enable you to earn eShop points this way include GrabPoints and eShop Zone.

Keeping in line with the rewards system, some websites like PointsPrize and Idle Empire give you the option of earning reward points by simply watching videos. Depending on demographics and age, you could be suggested a video between 2 mins to 20 mins. The reward will vary according to the length of the video, which means that longer videos will result in more reward points.

You can then redeem these reward points in exchange for free Nintendo eShop codes, enabling you to purchase in-store items for free. Websites that will reward you with eShop points in exchange for watching videos include the likes of Idle-Empire, PointsPrizes, GrabPoints, Zoombucks, PayPrizes, and more.

Free eShop Codes Giveaway

Apart from reward points, you can also look to digital influencers for help. Many Instagram, celebrities, YouTubers, and Twitch streamers hold giveaways regularly. These allow you to earn Nintendo eShop codes for free. You can enter these giveaways by doing simple things like sharing a video, subscribing, or even liking a video. Once enlisted, you can increase your chances of winning by completing all the required tasks. Thus, helping you increase your chances of winning.

The above-stated tips and tricks are aimed at helping you get Nintendo eShop points for free. All the methods listed above are legal and safe. Consequently, none of them will put your digital information at risk of getting hacked. What did you think about our tricks and tips? Did we miss out on any? Let us know in the comments section below.